History of ......

SOFA Café is a jewel on several levels located in an emblematic district of the Opéra Garnier, Department stores: Galeries-Lafayette and Printemps as well as Theaters and Cinemas.
It is a place of life where women and businessmen, co-workers, barges of all kinds and tourists meet every day
SOFA Café, formerly called "Le Canari", is a place of life, passage, well-being and indulgence. Owned by the HUC and PORTE family for over 60 years.
This place has experienced multiple style changes: Pub from 1970 to 80, Contemporary in the mid-80s to 2000, and ended in 2003 in its current style. All these changes have taken place to better meet your expectations and to join the driving force of the district, Les Galeries Lafayette. No less than three renowned decorators (LENOIR, ROBY & LAFOND) worked there to give this place an avant-garde atmosphere.