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Covid-19 information

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Merci pour votre envoi !

Measures put in place

For you :

  • In addition to your prior washing before your installation at your table, we provide you with hydro-alcoholic gel at your request.

  • Wearing a mask is compulsory when you are traveling around the establishment.

  • All menus and prices can be viewed on the website via the QR code placed on the tables and the table set of the day.

  • We recommend payment at the table and without contact. If you want to limit contacts as much as possible, please take a picture of your invoice.


For us & for you:

  • Daily temperature measurement, hand washing and disinfection compulsory for all Sofa Café employees as soon as they arrive at the establishment and before each service.

  • Every day and for each service, our room and kitchen staff change their work attire entirely.

  • Implementation of barrier measures ensuring respect for the distance between employees.

  • All dishes and glassware are cleaned using regulated and professional materials and products, knowing that washing done above 80 ° C, guarantees the destruction of Viruses.

  • The table, chairs and benches are cleaned and disinfected before each service and each time the table is renewed.

  • All the small equipment necessary for the service, salt shaker, pepper shaker, pepper mill, ketchup, mustard, tabasco, etc. were disinfected before the service and will be with each use.

  • All Surfaces, floors, walls, windows, consoles and shelves are cleaned and disinfected every morning and undergo a check before and after each service.

  • The toilets are cleaned entirely twice a day by professional staff and are regularly checked and disinfected by us. If during these intervals you notice a problem, please let us know so that we can resolve it immediately.


Let us all remain vigilant against the virus.

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